Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Third Trimester

We actively avoid telling anyone how many weeks we are or an EDD (estimated due date), this has taken a huge amount of pressure off me and my uterus, and I'm sure the little one is feeling the relief too. However in saying that, we had an appointment with our gorgeous midwife today who has measured my belly to be in line with the number of weeks, growing perfectly and with a steady strong heart beat and much movement. 
Today was odd, I was feeling restless and frustrated and just needed to not do any real work. Eric took the kids to the gym so I could relax for a bit this morning and then we did some retail therapy as Eric's shoes were falling apart and I needed workout clothes that actually fit me! 
From there we trekked to see our Midwife where we always feel at home, the sun started shining and things felt calm. This has been a big change in our house as the past few weeks(months?!) have been testing to say the least. My attitude has definitely softened towards undesirable behaviour though it's still easy to loose my cool if I don't have enough breathing space. After the appointment Eric headed off to training in Port Melb, our wonderful coach ran the show tonight which took a lot of pressure off. I was supposed to get a blood test but couldn't quite wrangle it with the kids alone (seriously, I have quite a needle phobia). So we made it to the health food store to grab breakfast items (coconut milk & pineapple), then took Marli for a walk and ate dinner with one of my oldest, closest friends. She's shaving her hair off soon in a fundraiser I shall link it to my facebook...Tara is just generally good company, a fellow vegan and very relaxed, which helped me whilst trying to get the kids to sleep.
Once they were finally out, Eric and I did some meal planning (stay tuned for something super exciting!!!) and he ran me a bath which I enjoyed whilst he put the nappies in the wash (definitely a keeper). I am now snuggled up in FRUUUSH bedsheets, there is no better feeling, with a cuppa and a great read 'gentle birth, gentle mothering'. 
My lulu's will get me through a big day of work and training tomorrow.
Just wanted you to know that if you HAVE been sending me good vibes that my peace wave has arrived. I am coping much better with the kids and myself, feeling more excited for the year before us and optimistic in general.
Many many thanks xx

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