Monday, 17 March 2014

March mayhem

We're halfway through March...halfway! Raine is 8months old, our gym is into its third week, we've been living in our new home for almost two months...where has the time gone (more importantly why is half of house still boxed up?!).
Over the last few weeks Raine learnt to crawl, pull herself to sit, clap and say "dog" at anything with four legs. She's eating a varied diet of fresh fruit & veg, quinoa, and wheat free toast, pasta or crackers as they come up. She has four teeth which were a nightmare to work through but we had a pretty good sleep last night so I am hopeful we can take on the next bout. The little champ has already done a few wee's on the potty (gotta love elimination communication) and I think she'll be "untrained" around the same time as her brother was.
River has turned a corner, sometimes driving me to distraction, sometimes causing me to cry with happiness that I have sweet, outgoing, independent, hilarious little man. So good with his sister & so good with other kids. When they say "I love you" for no reason it's like magic.
As a mother I haven't been very present lately. I've been truly stressed, run down & not coping with loud noises. It's hard to seperate working mum from mum sometimes and very hard to leave work at work and money trouble out of the equation. We've been here before, starting a new business so I knew money would be tied up in the gym for a's just hard having to do it all over again with an extra mouth to feed & an increase in rent! 
Anyhow, I know most of my readers have felt the pinch of financial strain and I definitely know it will be worth it. To do what I love as a living, avoid child care & have the lifestyle I choose. 
CrossFit Croydon has about 30members which are all FANTASTIC. Such a humble, supportive, hard working group who make me smile going into every WOD. The PBs being achieved every class are proving the effectiveness of our programming and I am loving watching people walk in hesitant and walk out with their heads high! The mum & bub class is beautiful I adore teaching women about health & wellbeing. My pregnant Mummas are so fit & loving I know they will all be amazing parents. It's cool that I can start to encourage breastfeeding and natural birth now, promote co-sleeping, baby led weaning, elimination communication, baby wearing, cloth nappies & attachment parenting. And it's even better that the mothers who have taken a different path don't feel judged or any different, mothers empowering mothers!!!
Yoga teaching is going well, it takes me ages to plan a session but each one is moving more fluently and everyone keeps coming back so I must be doing something right! 
So many adventures on the horizon...I have so much to put out there. I am really trying to release negativity from my life, really trying to protect myself, and really trying to keep finding the things within me that can hold me up. There are hours spent crying on the floor crippled under the weight of trying to succeed. But there are 8 really important hands holding me up everyday, and some truly amazing friends that believe in me even after they have seen me crumpled.
One beautiful soul is getting married in 6weeks and I am running around with her team of bridesmaids to ensure the perfect celebrations are had. 

Thankyou all who help light my path up, thanks to those that let me light theirs.

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