Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pride & Preparation

Goodevening! I am going to take a second today to brag...I am SO proud that my son, at 20months is completely nappy free!!!!!!!! This is cause for multiple and excessive exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! All of a sudden, he just hated wearing a nappy to bed after a few weeks of nappy free daytimes. This is going into the fifth night and I so far have not had to change our bedsheets. Elimination Communication is honestly something that makes so very much sense, going hand in hand with peaceful parenting (no rewards/punishments or toilet TRAININNG). So being completely chuffed in my clever little munchkin has made me once again over-share...sorry about that :)

Exciting news; I think I am going to appear in Womens Day magazine! Remember how I donated my breastmilk? Well, the main recipiet (or rather his beautiful mother) was asked to tell their story of recieving donated breastmilk via the Human Milk for Human Babies facebook page. Informal milk sharing is AWESOME. This is a great opportunity to spread the news that there is a better option to formula, that it doesnt have to be an expensive venture, and anything to normalise humans drinking human milk is a big step towards major health and environmental gains. I urge you if you are struggling to breastfeed to call the Australian Breastfeeding Association, visit a Lactation Consultant, arm yourself with factual information, gain the full support of your partner and loved ones, DONT give up, and if all else fails then seek the perfect source of nutrition for your babe. I definitelty plan on donating again when my supply comes back.

In training news...I have been SQUAT, SQUAT, squatting. That is honest to goodness the most important exercise anyone can do. If you cant squat - LEARN immediately. Come ask me, I'll show you. It doesnt have to be with weights, it doesnt have to be with heavy weights, but you need to learn how to squat for the health of your hips, your trunk and your...ummm "bits"...
My exercise of the week has been a single arm KB swing to overhead, followed by a squat. LOVE it. It's been hard to schedule time for training whilst all of our gym prep is taking place but I've been trying to do little bouts throughout the day, such as when I'm brushing my teeth! Cannot wait to get up at our open day and show everyone how we scale a WOD for pregnancy. Although I am nervous about keeping insanely fit throughout my pregnancy, somehow it never seems to be quite enough...but I am going into this fitter and more healthy than with River, here's to finding an extra hour in the day!

This week I had all my blood work done and it will be interesting to hear the results. I was not overly impressed with my dietician and now feel as though I could easily charge $130 for my nutrition consults haha. We have switched to a soymilk fortified with vit B12 and calcium although I dont really drink very much and should make more of an effort. You all know how I feel about supplements! It's so interesting, I have really lost faith in the fitness has become all about making a quick buck. From Ashley Bines to Herbalife/Yor Health, "guaranteed" results in x amount of time, IF you buy this supplement, take this pill, drink this shake, Oh and see a PT every day...the reason I am somewhat "unsuccessful" at what I do is because I dont sell any of this bullshit (excuse my french) and it grinds my gears that because of this, less qualified, less caring people rake in the big bucks!!! One day people will value their health over a quick fix...and then maybe I'll be rich & famous!! Rant over. With a quote to perk myself up:

Learn from yesterday.
Live for today.
Hope for tomorrow.

Cheers & Giggles xx

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