Saturday, 24 November 2012

Breastfeeding a toddler

So here I am in sunny Queensland reading my fave book "skinny bitch" after eating a delicious lunch.
I thought I'd give you all an update on my journey breastfeeding Riv. Prior to having him I was always under the impression that if they can ask for it, it's time to stop! How truly wrong I was. In fact, how truly selfish!!! It's been a delight to note the different ways River asks for nourishment, from newborn cries to pulling on my top, saying "babu" to "boob" and now when he wants the other side "one"! It's funny and amazing that my milk has provided so much for him, comfort when he needs, the best sleeping aid, hydration, nutrition and such an unbreakable bond. River is 18months old now, showing no sign of weaning and I'm beginning to think he may not wean until around age 3! In most lactavist books this isn't even late!!
So the difference feeding a toddler...well he's very active and often doesn't sit still to feed, his latch is perfect everytime now and he certainly doesn't feed as often nor for as long. There are some days he needs more than others but generally I think he'd have between 3-6 feeds over a day. He's just started sleeping through the night too which is blissful as we can still snuggle all night but I'm not dehydrated or exhausted come work at 6am! Sometimes he wakes once or twice but it's not often. So I feel like sticking some giant fingers up at everyone who told me to "put cereal in babies bottle at night to help him sleep" & "he'll never sleep through if you feed and cuddle him all night" & all the other negative bullshit that comes with being an attachment parent. (don't get me started on CIO).
On a side note, please do not take offense to my blog if you do not breastfeed!!! What you choose to feed your baby is your decision!!! However, if I can help to normalize breastfeeding, to let you know that formula is NOT as good as breastmilk, to let you know that it gets EASIER, to let you know you have options like donated human milk, that you can RELACTATE, that you should breastfeed as long as is mutually desirable, and that it WILL make a difference to your body in a good way and do nothing but benefit your child...well that is my message :) no mum bashing at all!!!!
Riv is still vegan, we both are and again stick it to the haters because he's the healthiest kid I've ever met! I'm going to suggest that you look into The China Study & where your food comes from. Look at what is on your plate or in your supplements...use your heads & do some research. I'm proud of my lifestyle I'm the healthiest I have ever been & while I've been craving any chocolate bar available I found a cure in some vegan "kids" cookies YUM!!
River loves wearing undies now & is great at telling me when he needs to go to the "toot" although he seems to be scared of number twos on the loo...will keep you posted with our solutions :)

By the way I plan on tandem feeding :p

Cheers & Giggles xx

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