Saturday, 7 July 2012

So...thought I should update you all. River is not only walking independently now, but he is also saying "nononono" haha!! After and despite all of my efforts an older lady said "no" to him about 75 times whilst we were out the other sponge liked the sound of it and it has stuck. At least for the moment he just says it quietly and not actually in defiance. Another little quirk I thought to son has this funny little African accent, to hear him say "towel" sounds hilarious. My godson had a little American accent when he was first talking too! He can now tell me my full name and say to River "goodnight Rivvy, love you" he also told his mummy that she was beautiful when I was training her last night! There is so much to look forward to being a mum. There is so much magic that has already happened.(I said this as I was whacked in the face!) What a beautiful freezing Melbourne morning, I hope you are all getting some vitamin D and some exercise. Cheers & giggles Xx

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